Franke Filter Alternatives


Do you need oil mist Coalescing filters?

Are you using oil mist filter cartridges from Franke Filters? Let us help you with interchangeable alternatives.

We are an original manufacturer of oil mist filter cartridges and producing these coalescing cartridges for OEMs around the world.

The gas turbine power plant uses oil mist separators, such as those by Franke Filters,  need regular servicing and replacement filter elements.

Are the Franke Filter oil Mist Coalescing Cartridges a standard size?

Typically the dimensions Franke Filters coalescing cartridges are 51.5x64x476mm or 51.5x64x230mm (IDxODxLength). The filters will have an industry-specified efficiency for removal of the aerosols and droplets.

You can get our oil mist coalescing cartridges delivered from stock.

Need more information?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will be in touch with more information about our Oil Mist Eliminating Coalescing Cartridges.



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