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Fast loop filter housings from 316L stainless steel for bypass applications
Fast Loop Filters for Bypass Applications

Classic Filters offer fast loop filter housings that minimise the time delay associated with sample systems for on-line analysers. A relatively high flow is used to get the sample close to the analyser, before the low flow sample is split using the filter housing and the rest of the flow returned to the process via the fast loop. This allows a continuous flushing of the filter element, greatly increasing its service life as well as reducing the internal volume of the system to greatly improve the response time of the sample conditioning system.

Our stainless steel filter elements are recommended for these applications – they offer a good resistance to corrosion and can withstand the continuous-flushing effect. Another advantage of the stainless steel filter elements is the ability to be cleaned by back-flushing. Below is a fast loop filter in a typical sample system – this also has a coalescing filter housing to remove any liquids from the gas sample.

Fast lop filter in a typical sample system
Fast loop filter housing flow path

Traditional Bypass Filters

Our fast-loop filtration solutions go against the grain of the traditional three-port T-shape filter design, bringing the advantages of continued flushing on the filter element to remove heavy contaminants to the bypass flow and of course as we mentioned the reduced housing volume also improves the response time.

If you still want to use traditional style housings in your system T-shaped housings are also available. You can find out more about our other stainless steel filter housings here 

Fast loop filter - traditional T-shaped housing

Whatever your fast loop filter application we are happy to discuss any details and designs with you – please call us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or email us your requirements to [email protected]