Automotive Gas Analyser Filters

The NNS series filter housing is specifically designed for automotive gas analyser (petrol engines) for 2-gas and 4-gas applications. We have experience and a proven record of supplying quality filtration for analysers requiring accuracy that complies with the OIML R99 Class 0 specification.

Filter Housings for Automotive Exhaust Gas Analysers

Automotive gas analyser filters - NNS series
Our NNS series housing features a coalescing pre-filter and finer particulate filter in one housing the special design allows the filter elements to be easily serviced without removing the drain connection. The NNS series housings replace the usual two housing arrangement to reduce the response time (lag time), using fewer connections, easier maintenance, and reducing cost. However, if a two housing arrangement is still required, we do offer the unique NT Twin Element housings or the more traditional all nylon “T” shaped filter housings.

And if you want something special? No problem. Let us know and we will design a filter housing to suit your analyser.


Filter Elements for Automotive Gas Analysers

We supply many OEM customers special sized disposable filter elements that are used in integrated housings built into the analyser. They can be custom made to any dimensions to give OEM customers unique sized filter elements.

Analyser Service Company Support

We can supply replacement filters elements for most of the well-known brands of automotive gas analyser. Let know what you need we can offer you excellent quality filter elements at very competitive pricing.

We are working with a number of OEM manufacturers with their filter requirements – if you also need some assistance please contact us by calling +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]