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Stainless Steel Filter Housings

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Stainless Steel Filter Elements

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Classic Filters are a UK based manufacturer with a global distributor network specialising in particulate & coalescing filter housings and elements. Please contact us if you need some assistance in selecting the correct filter housing & element for your application or complete our online Applications Form.

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  • Remove Liquids from Gas – Coalescing Filter 

    Remove Liquids from Gas – Coalescing Filter 

    How does the coalescing filter work? Liquid aerosols and droplets in the gas stream enter the coalescing filter. The high efficiency filter element uses borosilicate glass microfibres to capture the aerosols and droplets. As the liquid aerosols pass through the the filter element they flow along the fibres they coalesce together and grow in size….

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  • Filters for Hydrogen Electrolysers

    Filters for Hydrogen Electrolysers

    What is a Hydrogen Electrolyser? An electrolyser is a system that uses electricity to break water into hydrogen and oxygen. Using electrolysis, the electrolyser creates hydrogen gas. The oxygen that remains is released into the atmosphere or can be collected for other industrial applications. Why are Filters Needed? The hydrogen will contain large amounts of…

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