Disposable In-Line Filters

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Disposable In-Line Filters

Disposable in-line filters are a self-contained filter solution. A disposable filter element is encapsulated into a plastic body with integral inlet and outlet spigots. DIFs offer a low cost filter solution that is fast and easy to replace. Stainless steel mesh elements can also be installed. More

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Filters for Oxygen Service

Oxygen Cleaning Service

Filters for oxygen service must be cleaned prior to use to remove any hazardous grease and other contaminants. The CS04 Oxygen Cleaning Service can be carried out on all high pressure stainless steel filters. More

Heated Filters for Gas Analysis

Heated Filters

Heated filters are perfect for diesel exhaust gas. The sample system and filter can be heated to prevent water condensation during gas analysis. More

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Classic Filters are a UK based manufacturer with a global distributor network specialising in particulate & coalescing filter housings and elements. Please contact us if you need some assistance in selecting the correct filter housing & element for your application or complete our online Applications Form.


Sample System & Analyser Filters

Sample System Filters In Use

Sample systems, required for the preparation of a gas or liquid sample for an analyser, typically require a filtration system. Classic Filters manufacture a comprehensive selection of particulate and coalescing filter housings and PTFE-membrane housings to ensure you have the correct solution for your application. More