Microfibre Filter Elements

Disposable bonded microfibre filter elements are manufactured from precise mixtures of borosilicate glass microfibres to the very highest standards of quality control. These elements offer exceptional filtration efficiency at very low pressure drops and being +90% void volume give a very long service life.

Disposable bonded microfibre filter elements

The elements are bonded to impart high strength and eliminate fibre shedding and the choice between the different binders available will depend on each application. Disposable elements are self-gasketing and sealed into the filter housing by axial compression.

The History of Fibrous Filter Elements

Borosilicate glass microfibes
Borosilicate glass microfibes

The history of fibrous filter elements is long one, with the development of air filters having taken place over two thousand years.

A typical fibrous filter form consists of a mass of fibres that are orientated in a random pattern overlaying each other. The technique of forming the fibres into a tubular shape is based on technology originated from the paper-making industry.

The manufacturing method used by Classic Filters ensures that the fibres are arranged in a random pattern through the complete depth of the filter element. This technique gives an increased strength to the structure and prevents delamination, an effect seen on other brands of bonded microfiber filter elements.

Types of Filtration – Particulate and Coalescing

Our high-quality filter housings and elements enable the effective and efficient removal of contaminants from both gas and liquid applications. Classic Filters can accommodate both coalescing and particulate type filters in most of our housing types, but many are designed especially for a specific purpose to give the best performance. Read more information about coalescing filter elements.

Understanding Our Part Numbers & Manufacturing Tolerances

Take the time to look at our chart that we have put together. This will show you a list of all our standard disposable filter elements, particulate and coalescing, along with their actual sizes in millimetres and the standard tolerances we use in manufacturing. It will also show you how our part numbers work, making it easy for you to select what you need. Get more information about our part numbers, sizes and manufacturing tolerances.

Special Sizes

Special size filter elements can also be manufactured in a wide range of different diameters and lengths.

Inside Diameters – 7mm to 150mm

Lengths – 9mm to 1000mm

Please contact us with any specific requirements.

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