Filter Regulators

RSS123 series filter regulator with stainless steel bonnet
Need small filter regulators? Classic Filters produce a range of small 316L stainless steel regulators and filter regulators that are ideal for instrument air applications. There are two types on bonnet available – plastic and stainless steel. The internal components and diaphragms are common to both types so the performance, pressure rating and outlet regulated pressure are the same. Housings are available with and without a drain port making them suitable for both coalescing and particulate applications.

Regulated Outlet Pressure

The maximum inlet pressure is 16 bar and three output ranges can be selected –

  • 0-2 bar (0-30psi)
  • 0-4 bar (0-60psi)
  • 0-8 bar (0-120psi)

Regulator or Filter Regulator?

RSS103 and RSP103 series stainless steel regulatorsIf you do not need filtration then select the RSP103 and RSS103 series. For filter regulators there is a huge range of options and filter elements to give you the perfect product for your application. Or, maybe you need a special regulator for your application  No problem  we can produce that too.

For further information about our 316L stainless steel reuglators and filter regulators please call us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]