Automatic Drains

Automatic drains to remove liquid from positive pressure systems
Classic Filters offers two solutions to remove liquids automatically from a system with a positive pressure. Both housings have a male threaded inlet port that will connect directly to the female drain port of a coalescing filter housing.

DF105 series automatic float drain

Constructed entirely from 316L stainless steel for use in corrosive applications, the DF105 series automatic float drain uses a unique diaphragm operated valve system to drain the liquids.

Water drains from the coalescing housing into the drain body and, as the water level increases, a float controls the diaphragm operation of the valve. Once the water is drained the float returns to the rest position and the valve closes. The standard automatic drain has a Viton seals with EPDM and Nitrile available as options. Being constructed entierly from stainless steel these automatic drains make an ideal complement to our 316L stainless steel filter housings.

Lower Pressure Applications

For lower pressure, non-corrosive applications the DN103 series automatic float drain uses a self-contained plastic float mechanism to remove water in a similar method to the DF105 series. This automatic drain is ideal for compressed air systems.

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