Plastic Filter Housings

Plastic filter housings for particulate and coalescing

Available in Nylon, Polypropylene, PTFE or PVDF, Classic Filters offers a range of low-cost plastic filter housing solutions that deliver high-performance corrosion resistance. PTFE filter housings are machined from solid PTFE bar and have a 316L stanless steel collar on the outside of the head to increase the strength of the head to bowl connection. When the PTFE filter housings are used with our PTFE filter elements a 100% PTFE filter solution is available. Other plastic filter housings are moulded in quality, high-performance materials

Our plastic filter housings are ideal for emissions and environmental filter applications as well as other OEM filter applications requiring a low-cost solution. They can be used for both particulate and coalescing applications. They can be supplied as catchpots and bubbler housings. They can also be fitted with adsorber cartridges. Port sizes from 1/8″ up to 1/2″ help to offer great flexibility from this range of products.

Float Valve Housings

Float valve housings

Float valve housings are an essential filtration tool when gas is being drawn to an analyser or other instrument, preventing the carry-over of bulk liquids. Normally these are used after coalescing filter housing as a safety device



NT series plastic filter housing has twin elements for coalescing and particulate filter elements
Special Filter Housings and OEM Applications

Does your process have special filter requirements? In addition to standard filter housings, Classic Filters offers custom-made filter housings based on our proven NL, NT and NNS housings that are ideal for OEM or special applications.

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