Drain Vessels

Drain vessel for coalescing filter applications
Classic Filters are always looking for solutions to common problems. A drain vessel is designed to increase the volume of a coalescing filter housing to hold more liquid and increase the service time. This is especially useful for negative-pressure applications where an automatic float drain cannot be used.

Fits to the Drain Port of a Coalescing Housing

Drain vessels can either be attached directly to the drain port of a housing in effect extending the bowl of the housing to allow far more liquid to be held before the coalescing element is flooded, or they can be attached by means of a valve with a valve on the drain end so the liquid can be drained into the drain vessel and then the drain vessel emptied later.

Need Something Special?

As well as our standard range of drain vessels we build a large number of special ones, we have even produced them to be used as storage vessels with specific volumes and sampling cylinders.

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