PTFE Membrane Housings

PTFE-membrane flow showing inlet-outlet and bypass

One of our most innovative filtration solutions, Classic Filters’ hydrophobic PTFE membranes and housings are perfectly suited for separating liquid from gas molecules, allowing a pure gas sample to be produced for the protection of analysers and other instruments.

A porous PTFE membrane is supported by a sintered, porous stainless steel disc on the outlet side to increase the strength of the membrane and give a higher differential pressure. Two liquid phases can also be separated if required.

Classic Filters now also offers a new hydrophobic/oleophobic membrane, designed  to remove both water and oils from a gas stream.

PTFE-membrane housings and combination housings with membrane and coalescing filter element PTFE Membrane Housings

We offer carefully manufactured housings designed to best utilise the inherent hydrophobic properties of a PTFE membrane. This prevents 100% of liquid molecules from flowing through the membrane, allowing only gas molecules to pass. Any liquid removed flows through to a drain port, which can also be used as a bypass function for the main flow.

Classic Filters offers dozens of housings types, ensuring we deliver the best solution for your application. If we don’t have a suitable housing in stock, we can manufacture a housing to order.

Combination Housing with PTFE-Membrane and Coalescing Filter Element

The service-life of the PTFE membrane can be extended significantly when used in conjunction with a filter element. This combination allows the filter element to remove the bulk of the liquid and particulates before it reaches the membrane.


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Liquid/Liquid Membranes

A range of membrane housings and PTFE membranes designed to separate two liquid phases are also available from Classic Filters. Whether removing water from Gasoline, Kerosene or Diesel, we can help you find the correct filtration solution.


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