Filters for Hydrogen Electrolysers

What is a Hydrogen Electrolyser?Hydrogen Electrolyser

An electrolyser is a system that uses electricity to break water into hydrogen and oxygen. Using electrolysis, the electrolyser creates hydrogen gas.

The oxygen that remains is released into the atmosphere or can be collected for other industrial applications.

Why are Filters Needed?

The hydrogen will contain large amounts of water that need to be removed. A coalescing filter  separates the liquid from the gas and allows it to be drained away.

Large amounts of bulk liquid are easily handled by a catchpot housing as a first stage as this helps to prevent the coalescing filter from being flooded. Coalescing Filter for Hydrogen Electrolyser

Filters from Stock and Custom Designs for Hydrogen Electrolysers

Classic Filters work with a number of OEM customers producing hydrogen electrolysers. Standard stainless steel  SS424 and SS434 series filter housings are suitable for 3/4″ to  2″ line sizes up to 35 bar. Some special designs increase the capacity for the separated liquid for efficient drainage.

Electrolysers are being developed for higher pressures, larger flow rates and bigger line sizes and the SHS425 and SHS435 series filters are specified for applications higher than 35 bar. 

All our filter housings can be supplied with NPT or BSPP ports.

If you need something special our designs help you find the perfect solution for your hydrogen electrolyser application

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