Coalescing Filter Housing – Easy Servicing?

One question that is becoming more popular is about reducing servicing times. We like to address this challenge with the SV new designs.

Traditional Coalescing Filter Housing

Here we can see the traditional T-shaped coalescing filter housing fitted with a continuous drain. To gain access to the filter element the tube and fitting connected to the drain would need to be removed before the filter housing bowl can be unscrewed.

Once the bowl is removed the filter element can be serviced.

Inverted Coalescing Filter Housing

To reduce the service time our SV inverted filter housings are designed with the inlet, outlet and drain connections all in the head.

The fitting and tube connected to the drain port do not need to be disturbed to service the filter element.

the SV117, SV127, SV215 and SV235 are available from stock.

Standard or Custom Housings

As well as the standard filter housings available from stock we can also designs and manufacture special custom designs quickly. Send us a sketch and we design and produce a filter housing for your application.

You can contact us by calling +44 (0) 1634 724224, use the form on the right or send us an email at [email protected]

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