Using a Disposable In-Line Filter to Save Space

How can you use a disposable in-line filter to save space? Using a disposable in-line filter to save space
One of our OEM customers uses NN112.201 filter housings for particulate removal in their portable flue gas analysers. These housings offer a low cost, high efficiency solution for stack gas applications and are widely specified. However, for a new gas analyser they found that space was limited so approached us about producing smaller filter housings that would fit. Of course, we have Disposable In-Line Filters (DIF) in our range of products that were perfect for this new emissions product. Consisting of permanently welded housings with encapsulated microfibre filter elements they are ideal for portable flue gas analysers, and other analysis systems requiring a durable and easily replaceable filter.

A choice of filter housing materials, Nylon or PVDF, makes them suitable for a wide range of chemical environments.

You can view or save the data sheet for the Disposable In-Line Filters here.

Need a small disposable unit for adsorbers?

Also available are a selection of absorber medias such as activated carbon for the production of “zero air” for analyser calibration purposes and other absorber medias for the removal of acid gases.

So if you need to save some space in your application just give us a call.

For more information about our disposable in-line filters or other solutions for portable gas analyser applications please contact us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or [email protected]

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