Support Cores and their use with liquid filtration and coalescing

In normal operational use the borosilicate glass microfibre filter element is perfectly strong enough for most applications and if the element is in an application where it remains dry it is fairly rare that it would need any kind of … More

Borosilicate Glass Microfibre Filter Elements – what are they and why are they so special?

What is a borosilicate glass microfiber element? Borosilicate glass is known and used quite extensively throughout the glass industry, specifically for laboratory glassware, being made from Boron and Silica, and the microfibers are what they say they are, very fine … More

Filtering Samples with a High Level of Contaminate for a Petroleum Refinery

We were recently asked to solve a problem for a customer who saw high levels of pipe rouge and rust particles in his sample. The application was on white product blending. So What What Was The Problem? Unusually the problem … More