High Pressure Filter Systems With Special Connections

Custom high pressure filter housing for 1050 bar
Custom high pressure filter housing for 1050 bar

Here at Classic Filters we have been asked to solve high pressure applications on several occasions. These high pressure applications have normally been up to 800 bar and require CE marks.

Most recently we have been asked to work with more and more very high pressure filter applications, quite often with special connections in the head.

The most recent was for a high pressure filter housing with a maximum working pressure of 1050bar which the customer specified LF 6 connections.

Although these were new to us, we obtained the specifications along with the gauges and after manufacturing a couple of test pieces and assessing them to extreme pressures we manufactured the first small batch of housings. These went to the customer, who put them on test for his authority, and they passed with flying colours.

Custom high pressure filter housing cross-section drawing
Because we have hold Module H of the Pressure Equipment Directive we can even supply custom, one-off filter housings with a CE mark.


So whatever the pressure or the connection type, do not hesitate to contact us, we can normally find a solution.




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