Sample System Filters Offer Flexibility

Sample System Filters In Use In this post we look at the importance of flexibility required when selecting the correct sample system filter. Process analysers continuously measure part of a process stream very accurately. The sample conditioning system is one of the most important issues for process analysis. Many analyser sample systems use a “fast loop” bypass flow to rapidly move the sample closer to the analyser – we have talked about these before on the blog.

Selecting the Correct Filter Housing

When considering analyser filters, flexibility helps when designing gas and liquid sample systems and it is important to select the correct housing and element for the application. Our range of filter and membrane products gives a huge range of sizes, materials, pressure ratings and configurations. Whether you need a particulate filter for heavily contaminated samples, a coalescing filter for the removal of liquids from a gas or a PTFE membrane to remove the last traces of moisture, the goal is to protect your analysers – we can help you choose the correct solution.

Classic Filters Sample System

Saving You Money

Because we manufacture both our filter media and housings you can be sure we can offer you the best performance for your sample conditioning system and save you money.

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