Panel Mounted Filter Application – how to make filters accessible for element change

Analyser manufacturers and system builders are often equested to have the filters accessible for ease of element change.

The problems that are faced can include a complication in the systems where the element needs to be changed after each test or where shut down time has to be kept to a minimum.

Panel mounted filter housing in Nylon
Panel mounted filter housing in Nylon

How We Make Filters Accessible for Ease of Element Change

We have made a series of these housings not just in Nylon as in the picture but also in 316L SS to combat these issues of filter element access. We even make our heatable range of housings with a flange so just the handle is accessible from the front of the panel. This keeps all the connections in the cabinet and means that an engineer only has to undo the bowl and the element retainer, or in the case of the heatable housing push in and turn the handle to access and change the filter element.

So whatever your panel mounted filter application we have either got a solution on the shelf or can design and produce what you need.


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