Too Much Liquid on my Membrane – what is the Liquid Block option?

PTFE membrane liquid block optionDo you need a Liquid Block option? One of the problems with a PTFE membrane is if it sees too much water, it will eventually breach and allow moisture through to the analyser or piece of equipment being protected.

For this reason we always suggest that the membrane only be used as a police filter after a coalescing filter, thus allowing the coalescer to take out all or most of the liquid and particulates before it gets to the membrane.

However, we were recently asked for a filter solution where we could guarantee if liquid filled the membrane housing it could not breach the membrane and pass down the line to an analyser. This was because the sample system was to be installed where maintenance was going to be fairly infrequent, and there could be a danger of liquid build up.

We do manufacture a liquid block valve for the SM106 housings, if the membrane sees too much liquid the delta pressure across the membrane increases and shuts the valve, this cuts off flow to the analyser or piece of equipment stopping any liquid travelling to it.

The valve is built into a special plug for the housing, so you can either buy the housing with the liquid block valve installed (SM106.111.LB.Mx, SM106.221.LB.Mx) or you can purchase the plugs separately and retro-fit them to an existing standard housing.


For more information about our Liquid Block option or PTFE-Membranes you can contact us by calling +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]


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