Selecting the Correct Filter Housing for your Application

So you’ve seen our blog on how to choose the right filter element, that we posted last a few weeks ago. Now we are going to explain how to make sure your selecting the correct filter housing for your application. As you probably know, we offer a wide range of filter housing and element combinations. This enables us to supply the most suitable equipment for your application and specifications. When selecting the correct filter housing you need to ask yourself 3 questions.

What does my filter housing need to be made from?

To answer this you will need:

  • Maximum Pressure
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Chemical & Physical composition of the sample 

Filter Housings are available in a wide variety of materials to ensure there is a product for the most specialised applications. As well as our range of standard materials, a wide range of exotic materials are also available.

What configuration will my filter housing need?

This is determined by the type of duty your housing will be used for. For example

  • Inlet – Only requires one port
  • Particulate – requires two ports
  • Coalescing, Bypass or Membrane – needs 3

Filtration Types

What size filter housing will i need?

In order to establish the most appropriate size of filter, you need to know the following:

  • Contaminant to be removed
  • Maximum Flow Rate
  • Line Size
  • Port Type
  • Level of Filtration required
  • Relative importance of cost, response time, service life and interval
  • Pressure

One need to decide on the factors favouring a small filter (fast response time, smallest space requirement, lowest cost, minimised adsorption loss) and those favouring a large filter (long service, intervals, low pressure drop). The bigger the filter element you decide you need thus determines the size of the filer housing. The exact choice will therefore depend on the relative importance of these factors in each particular application.

Classic Filters Applications From

If you still need assistance in selecting the correct filter housing, we have an online Applications Form available for you to complete. This will ensure we have all the information required to make a selection for your individual application. Alternatively we have a form in Word format that you can download here.


Or you can give us a call on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]

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