Genie Filters Alternatives

Genie Filter AlternativesNeed an Alternative for a Genie Filters Housing or Element?

Look no further, for your Genie filters alternatives, than Classic Filters. Our products are completely interchangeable with those from Genie Filters® from A+ Corporation®. OEMs and end-users widely acknowledge the advantages of Classic Filters products, including a far greater range of products for better flexibility, higher quality standards, faster deliveries and realistic pricing. We are keeping all standard types and grader in stock for immediate delivery.

To make things easier for our customers all filter elements and PTFE membranes are based on industry standard sizes and grades so they can be used in filter housings such as those from Genie with the same efficiency and performance. For example, the Genie model 101 can be substituted with our model GSM105 filter housing.

Genie Filters Product Comparison Chart

You can view our Genie cross reference chart here  Or, you can telephone or email with the Genie Filters part numbers and we will make a cross reference for you.

Even if you are using a special housing or filter element we can usually offer an alternative. Contact us today on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]

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