Fast Loop Filters – what are they and why are they used?

Fast loop filter housings
Fast loop filter housings

Fast Loop housings can be used in sample systems to transport the sample closer to the analyser at high speed to reduce analyser response times.

Where do Fast Loop Filters fit?

The housing fits into the fast loop or bypass line wand has a direct flow straight through the fast loop housing and through the middle of the filter element without any filtration taking place. The sample is taken off from the side of the fast loop filter housing after passing through the filter element so that only the sample is filtered.

What are the advantages to this filter?

The advantage this type of filter gives is that because the process fluid is travelling down the inside of the element where the main contamination builds up so it automatically cleans the inside of the filter element with a flushing motion.

This cleaning action works best where the process fluid is high in contaminate and the process fluid has a relatively high flow. In these kinds of application the extended filter life can be quite considerable, but it will not completely clean the element.

Fast loop filter housing flow path
Fast loop filter housing flow path

Servicing of the housing where either replacing the filter element or cleaning it if you are using a sintered stainless steel element, will be required at regular intervals. If a stainless steel element us used it can be back-flushed to clean it.

We have several 316L stainless steel housing sizes available to ensure we can offer the correct filter housing for your application. Housings can also be supplied in exotic materials such as Hastelloy and Monel.

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