Compressed Natural Gas Filters – do we manufacture them?

Compressed natural gas filter for 350 Bar
Compressed natural gas filter for 350 Bar

A question that has arisen time and time again from our customers is do we manufacture Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filters and the simple answer is YES we do! and we have been doing so for many years. In fact we have a large number of products that can be used for compressed natural gas, but over the years we have also designed some products specifically for this purpose.

The Problem

We were asked to manufacture two different CNG filters, both with different flow rates but with a working pressure of 350 bar and CE marked. These were to be fitted into vehicle filling units called CNG dispensers to be installed at petrol stations and the space was extremely limited. The filters main purpose was to remove particulate and liquid aerosols from the gas stream, meaning it would definitely be a coalescing element. However, because the element would remain laden with aerosol, and in normal operation it obviously would go from no flow to sudden full flow, a careful approached was needed.

The decision was taken to opt for an epoxy bound element, to give extra strength, and to take the added precaution of supplying them with a support cage on the outside. In order to keep the size down, we designed the first one with a 25mm ID element but at a special length, the second unit need to be smaller so we made 22mm internal diameter elements also to a special length.

The Manufacturing Process

We manufactured the first prototype and whilst the filters performed perfectly well the customer realized he didn’t have enough room for his piping. After further investigation we suggested manufacturing the housing with the inlet port at the front of the housing head and two outlet ports one on the left side of the head and one on the right. We produced a prototype and the customer built his first unit and was delighted.

The customer continues to take large quantities of both sizes of these filters, showing how we can design and adapt all our products, including elements and housings.


We have said this many times before in our blog posts, just because it is not in our catalogue it doesn’t mean we don’t do it!

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