Can we not just use a mesh filter?

Anyone who has seen filters in action will know it is not an uncommon sight to find filters fitted with a simple gauze filter element. But what happens when a mesh filter is just not enough?

These kind of filters are only intended for stopping large particles, they are often used in lines where scale, rust or weld debris is travelling down the lines. These simple single screen filters are very good for this purpose. In fact if a depth filter was fitted in such an application it would clog very quickly as the particles would all gather on the exterior of the element blinding it and this is something that doesn’t tend to happen as much on the gauze filters because the smaller particles with pass through the element.

But my single screen filter is rated at 10 micron?

Yes it probably is and it will stop particles 10 micron or bigger in diameter but not in length, to exaggerate the particle travelling through the screen could be 8 micron diameter but it could, in theory, be a kilometre long! This happens because the particles are not forced to change direction. With a depth filter however there is no direct path for a particle to travel through and because it has to twist and turn, nothing bigger than the distance between the fibres can ever get through it.


We do manufacture and sell single screen filter elements to fit our housings, but please be very careful what application you put these into. If in doubt please ask our expert team for help and guidance.

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