Is it possible to tell if a filter is blocked remotely?


Does your application need a differential pressure indicator? Recently we were asked to solve a problem for a company operating unmanned oil production platforms. The way these platforms work mean that all of the systems are monitored remotely. Unless something out of the ordinary happens no-one visits the platforms until the regular service visit. However, one of the filters on a control line saw an unusual amount of particles due to a problem in the system and blocked causing the element to collapse, sending large pieces of debris up the line blocking a valve.

SeS series filter housing with differential pressure indicator
SeS series filter housing with differential pressure indicator

The Customer Request

The customer asked us if we could make a filter the same size as the current housings they had with something they could get an electrical signal from as they had seen our SiS series differential pressure indicator housings in the catalogue and liked the idea of using them. However, they needed something to signal remotely when the element started to block.

Our Solution

After careful consideration we recommended our SeS215.421 which had the same head diameter as their current product and comes with settable normally open and normally closed switch on the differential pressure indicator.

The first set of units were supplied and after the customer had carried out some tests deliberately making the element start to clog, they were very impressed with the units operation and immediately installed them throughout the problem platform. We have just been informed that on the next routine maintenance the filters on the remaining platforms will also be changed .


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