Can an air lock be solved by a filter housing?

From time to time we get asked to help our distributors and their customers overcome a problem that they have struggled to overcome themselves. One of our distributors asked us to help by designing a new product to overcome an air lock problem. This blog posts looks at how working with our distributor network allows for more joined-up working and bespoke product development.

Custom filter housing for liquid filtration application

Custom filter housing for liquid filtration application

The Problem

The company manufactures spray equipment which paints photos onto the sides of vehicles. Originally the paint nozzles kept getting clogged. Therefore we supplied our NN232.421 filter housings which removed the particulate from various liquids perfectly. This solved the problem initially but on further investigation we discovered another problem and was actually caused by air getting trapped in the filter and valve system.

The Solution

We arranged to go and meet the customer with the distributor to see the spray equipment and subsequent blockages in action. Once back in the UK we designed a new nylon filter head and were able to send a new prototype direct to the customer within days of our meeting. The C=customer was delighted with the new housing and the results and they have since ordered many more of these housing for their systems.

So whatever your problem is, using our skills and vast experience in the filter market we can most likely review your situation and design a bespoke filter or filter housing to suit your needs.

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