Filter Product News – SS117 and SS127 series are now rated at 350 bar

We have some great news. The very popular SS117 and SS127 series, our smallest internal volume 316L stainless steel filter housings, are now built as standard to 350 bar maximum working pressure.

We know that most applications don’t require anywhere near this kind of pressure, but because we have been asked quite regularly for process applications in both coalescing and particulate filtration at 5000psi, we have decided to design the housings as standard to 350bar.

SS117 and SS127 series filter housings now rated to 350 bar
SS117 and SS127 series filter housings now rated to 350 bar

Has this increased the size of the housing?

For everyone who buys the housings because of their size and design features, please do not worry, both the external and internal dimensions have not changed, and have many of the features of the 340bar housing, they also still take the 12.32.xx and 12.57.xx size elements respectively.

The truth of the matter is that due to the amazing design of these housings, with the separate O-ring groove and the long head to bowl thread length plus the careful way the complete housing is designed, the original 340 bar housing was quite capable of being rated at 350bar maximum working pressure. But to be perfectly safe, some minor points in the housing have been strengthened to improve its performance and strength.

Have you tested the new filter?

These filter housing conform to the Pressure Equipment Directive and have CE marks so to prove the new pressure rating the housings were extensively tested at pressures up to 1500 bar without any adverse effects on the housings dimensions or structure – all in all an impressive little housing.


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