Is your compressed air filtration system costing you money?

Generally engineers required to install a filter on a pressurised fluid system will go for the cheapest possible option. More often than not this will also be a sintered powder or granule filter element where it can be cleaned out and the element doesn’t need replaced very often.

What is wrong with a sintered powder filter element?

The filter will do what is required so what is wrong with installing such a filter? If we put aside the fact that these types of filters are not very efficient at coalescing or particle filtration and retention the biggest problem with them is their delta P (differential pressure).

It doesn’t matter to me because my system can handle the pressure loss.

Oh yes it does! Why? I don’t notice that much of a drop in pressure.
That’s because your system is having to work harder to keep the pressure up and it’s able to do that without you noticing, but it’s expensive. Did you know for instance that compressed air is one of the most expensive form of energy? Every psi you throw away is costing you money.

The Solution

The borosilicate glass microfiber filter element is not only one of the most efficient coalescing and particulate filters on the market, but it also has one of the lowest delta P (differential pressure).
Yes you have to replace them, but the money saved on your power bills will more than compensate for the cost of filter replacement.

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