Understanding Element Dimensions in Relation to our Part Number

Element dimensions – Disposable microfibre types

Understanding part numbers is never an easy task. So we thought we would break ours down and explain what the significance is of each number; thus making  it easier for our customers to know what they require, when ordering disposable filter elements

How the part number is arranged

Filter elements are available in a wide range of standard diameters and lengths. These are based on traditional industry standard sizes and allow the element to be installed in other proprietary equipment.

All disposable filter elements have a part number arranged in three sections, for example, 12.57.5CK. The first part refers to the inside diameter in mm, so in this case the inside diameter of this particular element is 12.5mm, but is rounded down to the nearest whole number which is 12.

The second part refers to the overall length. In this case, the length of our 12.57.5CK is 57mm. Finally, the last part of our code for our disposable filter elements refers to the grade and binder.


Particulate or coalescing?

There are two types of filter element available, particulate and coalescing. The particulate filter elements use a single layer of filter media and are best suited to removing particles from a gas or liquid, whereas coalescing elements have a fine capture layer and a coarse drainage layer, making them more suitable to remove water droplets from gas. You will see from looking at our chart, that coalescing types, due to their extra layer, therefore have a bigger outside diameter.

Manufacturing Tolerances

We have standard tolerances that our production team use when manufacturing filter elements. For example, 12.57.5CK should have an inside diameter of 12.5mm (as we explained earlier), but we allow ourselves a standard 0.25mm each way. So the actual inside diameter could be 12.75mm at the very most or 12.25mm at the very least. We also use a standard 0.50mm tolerance for the outside diameter.

Take the time to look at our chart that we have put together. This will show you a list of all our standard disposable filter elements, particulate and coalescing, along with their actual sizes in millimetres and the standard tolerances we use in manufacturing. Get more information about our part numbers, sizes and manufacturing tolerances.

Special size filter elements can also be produced that are not included on this chart. We can manufacture in a wide range of different diameters and lengths:

Inside Diameter: 7mm-150mm

Outside Diameter: 9mm-1000mm

For more information about our element dimensions and part numbers, or if you have any specific requests, please contact us by calling +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]

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