Kalrez Seals for Filter Housings

Filter housings with perfluoroelastomer Kalrez seals available from stock.

Filter housings are mostly fitted with Viton o-ring style seals as standard. A number of additional sealing options can be specified and filter housings delivered with the seals installed.

Kalrez Seals for Filter Housings

There are several applications where standard Viton or Nitrile O-Rings are not suitable.  In these cases filter housing can be supplied from stock with a number of options including Kalrez and Chemraz compounds.

EPDM and silicone seals are also a popular option. 

Types of Seals Available

NameTypeTemperature Range
VitonFluorocarbon-30oC to +200oC
KalrezPerfluorelastomer-50oC to +316oC
ChemrazPerfluorelastomer-50oC to +324oC
EPDMEthylene-propylene-55oC to +150oC
PTFESolid PTFE-260oC to +200oC
PTFEFEP Encapsulated (1)-60oC to +200oC
SiliconeSilicone-60oC to +230oC
NitrileBuna N-Nitrile-35oC to +110oC
NeopreneChloroprene-Neoprene-45oC to +100oC

The data sheet can be downloaded here.

If you need some assistance to select the best sealing option please let us know and we will help.

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