Gas Odorising Injection Filters

What is gas odorising injection? Natural gas and liquefied gases are generally odorless. They are highly flammable and explosive when mixed with air. In order to detect gas leaks an odorising agent must be added by ordorising injection to the gas giving it a very distinctive smell.

Odorising agents

Odorising agents are mostly sulphur containing organic compounds such as THT (tetrahydrothiophen) or mercaptans and the components used in these systems should have a good corrosion resistance.

Ordorising Injection Filters

Odorant flows from the storage tank, through the stainless steel filter housing fitted with a stainless steel  filter element, gas flow meter and a liquid odorant flow meter to the gas pipeline. Signals from the gas flow meter and the odorant flow meter are used to control the pumps providing the odorant to the pipeline.

Filter housing for gas odorising injection applicationsStainless Steel Filter Housings

The filter housing and element are used to protect the sensitive components of the control system and odorant injector. We have several types of stainless steel filter housing that are suitable for these applications – depending on the line size, pressure and flow rates required by the odorising injection process.

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