Miniature Point-of-Use Filters


Need to protect your equipment and sensitive instruments from liquids such as oil and water, as well as solid particles and dirt? Our high-efficiency miniature point-of-use filters remove all the contamination up to +99.99% or liquids and solid particulates – this gives a very dry and clean compressed air or other gas.

High Performance Point-of-Use Filters – with a low cost

Miniature Point-of-Use Filters

With a high performance, compact design, and low cost these small filter housings are ideal solutions as final instrumentation protection. The coalescing and particulate filter elements are a high-quality disposable bonded microfibre type – a proven filter media for these applications.

Huge Range of Sizes and Options

With a huge range of sizes, port options and drain variants we are sure to have the perfect filter housing and element combination to suit your point-of-use application.

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