Pilot Plants and R&D Applications

Filters for pilot plants?

A pilot plant is a small chemical processing system set up to produce information about the characteristics of the system to use in design of larger production and processing. Data gained from the pilot plant is used to refine the designs of the full-size production facility

Because they are small scale the costs are far less than it is to build full-size plants.

Classic Filters’ products are ideal for use in pilot plants due to the huge range of port sizes, volumes and pressures.
Special housing used as a vessel

Special Filter Housings and Vessels

We also produce special filter housings and vessels for use in pilot plants and other research and development projects. Our pressure vessels are based on the standard and proven filter housing designs but they are supplied without any internals or filter element.

Catalyst Chambers

The addition of extra ports, in a variety of positions, allows the vessels to be used for catalyst chambers. We work closely with our customers designers to produce a housing or vessel that is perfect for the application.


Our design department work closely with a number of universities to support their activities. We supply special purpose and high pressure filter housings for research purposes – whatever the purpose.

Whatever your application we are happy to discuss any details and designs with you so please call us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or email us your drawings to [email protected]