Portable Gas Analyser Filters

To protect a portable gas analyser effectively there is a need to remove both liquids and particulates from the sample system.

To solve this dual problem Classic Filters has created a range of suitable filter housings and elements designed for portable analysers.

Disposable In-Line Filters

Classic Filters also offers disposable in-line filters for Portable Gas Analysis. These consist of a self-contained housing with a particulate filter element, enabling the convenience of replacing the DIF in seconds. These offer a high performance but low-cost solution for the OEM analyser builder.

Disposable In-Line Filters Family

You can view or save the data sheet for the Disposable In-Line Filters here.


NL Filter Housings

For re-usable filter housings we specify our NL series, which are in-line filters with plain spigots or threaded ports. These are ideal for portable gas analyser filters.

The NNL series suits configurations that have a single coalescing element or – for a system with an extended service life – a pre-filter coalescing element followed by a high efficiency particulate filter element. Because of the advanced design of our filter elements, replacement costs are very competitive and the PVDF binder used offers zero adsorption to prevent any contamination of the gas sample.

Of course, we also have the traditional T-shaped filter housings in a range of materials if these are the preferred design for your analyser.


Disposable Filter Elements

Classic Filters also supplies many OEM customers special sized disposable filter elements, manufactured to order, that are used in integrated housings built into an analyser.

For more information about our solutions for portable gas analyser filter applications please contact us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or [email protected]