Regulators and filter regulators in stainless steel

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Filter Regulators

Regulator and filter regulators in 316L stainless steel with either a plastic or stainless steel bonnet. These housings are Ideal for instrument air applications. The filter regulators can be fitted with a stainless steel filter element of a disposable particulate or coalescing type element. More

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Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

Classic Filters CRN 0E15292.2

Classic Filters have been awarded with our first Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for the province of Alberta. The filter housing designs covered by this CRN are currently being reviewed by the remaining provinces to give us registered designs in all … More

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Classic Filters chce zamknąć bariery językowe i uczynić życie dla wszystkich o wiele łatwiejsze. Z tego powodu zaczęliśmy tłumaczyć całą naszą literaturę. Mając to na uwadze, tutaj jest polska wersja naszej czterostronicowej Broszury Przeglądu Produktów. Broszura ta sprawia, że ​​łatwo … More

Welcome to Classic Filters

Classic Filters are a UK based manufacturer with a global distributor network specialising in particulate & coalescing filter housings and elements. Please contact us if you need some assistance in selecting the correct filter housing & element for your application or complete our online Applications Form.


CNG Filters for Dispensers

CNG filter

Classic Filters offers a selection of CNG filter housings designed for high pressure dispenser applications and used for coalescing liquid from Compressed Natural Gas. All stainless steel CNG filter housings comply with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) and are supplied with CE marks if required. More