Compressed Air Filters

Coalescing filter flow path - inside to outside through the filter element
Coalescing filter flow path – inside to outside through the filter element

Our compressed air filters are low cost and have high quality anodised filter housings –  the ideal solution for removing particulates and coalescing liquids from compressed air.

Machined from solid aluminium billets for an improved strength to weight ratio, Classic Filters’ range of filter housings cover a huge range of conditions and flow rates, ranging from 1/8 inch to 2 inch line sizes.

Aluminium housings can be supplied for pressures up to 34 bar, with higher pressure housings available to order.

If your compressed air filter application requires a higher pressure or a different material, Classic Filters’ stainless steel housings can also be used for compressed air applications.


Compressed air filter housings in alumnium

Small aluminium housings are ideal for point-of-use applications and the high efficiency filter elements give protection for machines, valves, regulators and other sensitive equipment.

High Flow Rates

Our filter elements are designed to offer very high flow rates and low pressure drops. Fibrous type filter elements remove all particulates and aerosols effectively, producing highly clean, dry compressed air.

Longer Service Life

The depth filter construction of the coalescing filter elements increases service-life because of a high void volume.

Particles are trapped with the depth of the filter media. The microfibers are arranged to capture the aerosols in the fine inner layer of the filter elements and as they pass through to the outer layer they coalesce into droplets. When the droplet breaks through the outside of the filter element it runs down the outside through gravity and is collected in the bowl of the housing. The high surface tension of the liquids prevents re-entrainment and ensures high efficiency.

Low Cost Filter Element Replacement

Our bonded microfiber filter elements are self-supporting and self-sealing, requiring no support cores, end caps or seals. This reduces the cost of the filter element and makes the filter element completely disposable.

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