Diesel Exhaust Analyser Filters

Hot diesel exhaust analyser filter applications require heatable housings are specifically engineered for the function – this diesel exhaust gas has an especially high dew-point, so to prevent condensation during analysis the sample system lines and components must be heated.

Diesel Exhaust Analyser Filters - heatable filter housings

In essence then, these housings offer the same level of quality as all our stainless steel housings, but with the added benefits of a housing designed for a specific application.

Filter elements used in heatable housings can be replaced quickly and easily (even at operating temperatures) thanks to a quick-release bayonet connection from the head to bowl, thus minimising disruption to your analysis and operations.

Optional configurations of the ports situated on the sides or the end of the housing and internals include a support core or a tie rod and element retainer.

Diesel Exhaust Analyser Filters - heatable filter housings

Special adaptions can also be supplied – including thin mounting flanges at the handle end to allow fixing to the inside of a panel, special insulated mounting extensions, additional ports for thermal couples etc.

Filter Elements

Disposable, S-type filter elements are perfect for heated applications when used in tandem with heatable housings. We can also produce the S21-R Type filter elements – the most popular are the 25.64.S21-R and 25.178.S21-R sizes. For more information about our filter elements click here.

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