Wellhead Control Panel Filters (WHCP Filters)

Wellhead - filters for wellhead control panel (WHCP) applications
Typical wellhead

Do you need WHCP filters?

An oil or gas well it is most commonly controlled using a Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP). The well will always have a SCSSV (Surface Controlled Sub-surface Safety Valve) – sometimes called a Down Hole Valve (DHV) – and a SSV (Surface Safety Valves). SCSSV in most applications is an on-off type valve that uses hydraulic actuators. The SSV can be controlled by a hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, depending on the pressure rating.

WHCP Components

WHCP systems usually consist of a hydraulic reservoir, filters, hydraulic pumps, accumulator, wellhead control module and a hydraulic line which enables the supply and return to the wellhead control module.

Wellhead control panel filters in stainless steel - high pressure applications

WHCP Filters

Classic Filters manufactures high pressure, 316L stainless steel filter housings that completely remove any particulates in WHCP hydraulic systems. Our proven stainless steel filter elements constructed from 5 layers of stainless steel mesh sintered together ensure a robust solution and give very high differential pressures.

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