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Sample system and analyzer filters for coalescing and particulate applications

Classic Filters is a UK manufacturer of filter housings specialising in analyser filters.

There are a few different spellings in our industry sector and the most notable for us is the use of analyzer in the USA and analyser in the UK.

But while the spelling is different, our products aren’t: wherever our customers are based, we supply them the very best filter housings to fit their requirements. We work closely with OEM customers building sample system and other on-line analyzer integration projects to supply the correct 316L stainless steel filter housing or PTFE-membrane housing. We even have a range of housings for SP76 modular sample systems.

Sample System Filters Protect Sensitive Analyzers

So whether you’re looking for filter housings for analysers or filter housings for analyzers, we will help you find the correct filter housing and elements for your project.

Contact the Classic Filters team today and see how we can supply high-performance analyzer filter solutions to your business – wherever you are.

For further help or assistance with analyzer filters or any of our sample system filters please call us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]