Filter Housing Options

Have additional requirements for your filter application? Classic Filters offers a range of options to improve performance and reduce maintenance.

Differential pressure indicators

Differential Pressure Indicators

Specifically engineered to offer an indication of the differential pressure across the filter element, Differential Pressure Indicators are a cost-effective method of monitoring service life and preventing costly failures from lack of maintenance.

Featured as a visual indication on SiS series housings, a plunger sealed by an o-ring separates an area of the head into two chambers. A spring causes the plunger to take up its home position when the pressure difference is zero. As the pressure difference increases, the plunger is forced to move against the spring and an indicator disc is moved magnetically. The indicator shows yellow (indicating a warning) when the differential pressure is 0.25 bar and red, (indicating urgent attention), when it reaches 0.5 Bar.

The SeS series housings use the same mechanical system as the SiS, except the two reed contact switches are actuated.

O-ring seal in various elastomers

Sealing Types

Filter housings are mostly fitted with Viton O-ring style seals as standard.  Classic Filters offers a number of sealing options that can be specified in advance so the housings can be delivered with the seals installed. Options include –

  • Chemraz
  • Kalrez
  • Silicone
  • Neoprene
  • EPDM
  • Nitrile

If an alternative seal is required a suffix is added to the filter housing part number corresponding to the first letter of the brand required: for example customers requesting a SS127.221 filter housing with an EPDM seal should add the .E suffix to the order to give SS127.221.E.Standard seals do not require the suffix.

Refer to the filter housing data sheets for information about the seals types available for each housing.

Mounting bracket in stainless steel

Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets make the installation process quicker and easier and avoids excessive loads on the fittings and piping. All our mounting brackets are constructed in stainless steel giving superior corrosion resistance in wet areas.

Classic Filters can supply Mounting Brackets for all filter housings. Ready-supplied with screws and washers to join them to the housing, only fixings for the panel or wall are required.

Support core for liquid applications with disposable filter elements

Support Cores

When using disposable filter elements in a liquid application a support core should be used to increase the strength of the filter elements.

Plastic and aluminium housings have built-in support, but stainless steel housings need extra support. Our SC series support cores are constructed from 316L stainless steel to ensure exceptional strength and integrity.




SilcoNert silicone coating is required for H2S, mercury and ammonia sampling applications Classic Filters supplies all our stainless steel housings and elements with this treatment as an option.

For further information these and other filter housing options please call us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected] with your requirements.