How to Select the Correct Filter Housing

The wide range of filter housing and element combinations enable us to supply the most suitable equipment for your application and specifications.

To select the correct filter housing and element the following information about the application is required –

1      Maximum pressure

2      Maximum temperature

3      Chemical & physical composition of the sample

4      Type of duty  – inlet, particulate, coalescing, bypass, fast loop, membrane

5      Contaminant to be removed

6      Maximum flow rate

7      Line size and port type

8      Level of filtration required

9      Relative importance of cost, response time, ease of service and interval

Items 1, 2 and 3 will determine the materials of construction of the filter housing, including the element and gaskets. Filter housings are available in a wide variety of materials to ensure there is a product for even the most specialised applications. As well as our range of standard materials a wide range of exotic materials are also available.

Item 4 will determine the configuration of the housing, one port for inlet filters, two ports for in-Iine housings and three ports for coalescing, bypass or fast loop housings.

Items 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will establish the most appropriate size of filter. This is generally a compromise between those factors favouring a small filter (fast response time, smallest space requirement, lowest cost, minimised adsorption losses) and those factors favouring a large filter (long service intervals, low pressure drop). The exact choice will therefore depend on the relative importance of these factors in each particular application.

Additional Assistance

Our representatives have a vast experience of specifying successful installations and we will be pleased to help you select the best solution for your filtration problem.

We also have an Applications Form available for you to complete and return and this will ensure we have all the information required to make a selection for your individual application. Click here to view and save the Applications Form.

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