CO2 Scrubber and other Adsorber Housings

Adsorber housings for granular media - CO2 scrubber
Plastic type housings shown

Adsorber Housings, with plastic or stainless steel bodies, are a simple, cost effective solution for the adsorption of various chemical vapours in a gaseous stream, for example a CO2 scrubber. The hollow tube, with integral filter diverts the gas flow to the base of the bowl allowing complete passage of gas through the adsorber granules. Simply remove the filter bowl without disturbing the line connections to replace the used adsorber media. It is recommended to use a coalescing filter housing as a pre-filter to remove liquid aerosols and droplets.

Use as a CO2 scrubber is a typical application

As well as the uses listed below we are happy to advise about any special applications you may have. Housings are available with 1/4″ or 1/2″ ports and have NPT ports and Viton seals. Other seal types are available as an option. BSPT and BSPP port types are also available.


You can find pdf copies of the literature here –

Plastic Adsorber Housings

Plastic In-Line Adsorber Columns

Stainless Steel Adsorber Housings

Adsorber granules

Granular Adsorber Media

A wide range of loose granular materials are available for adsorption applications such as acidic gas removal and water vapour removal – these are listed below together with the principle uses. The adsorber media is supplied in resealable plastic containers and two sizes are available from stock, 1 litre or 4 litres. Activated Carbon Cloth is supplied per square metre.

Granular Adsorber Types



Principle Uses

01 Activated Carbon Granules Removal of hydrocarbons and other organic vapours
02 Activated Carbon Cloth Removal of hydrocarbons and other organic vapours
03 Molecular Sieve 4A Removal of CO2, NH3, H2S, SOx
04 Molecular Sieve 13X Removal of CO2, NH3, H2S, SOx, aromatics, amines
05 Silica Gel (Blue) Removal of water vapour
05a Silica Gel (Orange) Removal of water vapour
06 Mixed Bases (Soda Lime) Removal of acidic gases, CO2, SOX, NOX, HCl
07 Potassium Permanganate Removal of SOX and other acidic gases
08 Hopcalite Removal of CO by catalytic conversions to CO2

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