Can I Have Differential Pressure Ports?

We offer a number of options for monitoring Pressure Differential across the filter elements and have neat Pressure Differential Indicators available. So, why would you need Differential Pressure Ports?

Some applications demand alternative methods of DP monitoring and for these we can offer a pair of female NPT threaded ports in the top of the filter housing head to use a differential pressure ports. This makes connections to the preferred method of monitoring fast and easy. The ports are positioned so that one port is on either side of the filter element.

Stainless Steel Filter Housing with Differential Pressure Ports

The two standard port sizes for the DP connections can be specified by added a suffix to the housing part numbers like this “SS235.421.DP1 Filter Housing with DP Ports”. The two standard suffixes are –

.DP1 = 2x 1/8”NPT DP Ports

.DP2 = 2x 1/4”NPT DP Ports

Next time you are looking at a special DP monitoring solution contact us and we would be pleased to help. Contact us today and we can supply filter housings with Differential Pressure Ports without any fuss. Need other thread types such as BSPT or BSPP? No problem!

For more information about DP Ports please contact us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]


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