Neftegaz 2012 – the best exhibition in 30 years

It was with some intrigue that we accepted the invite from our new partner and distributor MV&F to attend Neftegaz 2012 – the biggest Oil and Gas Industry event in Russia. With 47 pages of companies in the event brochure it is most likely the biggest event in the World.

Neftegaz 2012 - the best exhibition in 30 years

In our experience events in other territories have really taken a back seat. Perhaps it is the cost of having a stand, perhaps it is the cost of attending or maybe it is simply that we carry out our business digitally via email and online meetings. Whatever the truth, Neftegaz has really reminded me how exciting and valuable a well attended event can be.

We have only been here one day so far and with all honesty this the best exhibition I’ve exhibited at in 30 years. MV&F – our partner and distributor – are held in high regard in the Russian market and a drawing more leads than I’ve ever seen! The oil and gas industry here is certainly thriving from our perspective and we look forward to a long and industrious partnership with MV&F.

If you are reading this and are at the event leave your name in the comments below and be sure to come and see us.

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