How do we ensure Traceability of Stainless Steel Filters?

Filter Housing showing serial number
Filter Housing showing serial number

Material traceability is very important in many industries. Classic Filters stainless steel filter housings are laser-engraved with a serial number to enable traceability after the item leaves the factory. How do we use this serial number to ensure complete traceability of the material back to the steel mill?

Material is purchased for specific batches of components. On delivery it is allocated a unique material number from a traceability record and this cross-referenced to a unique job number. The material certificates are checked against the material received and scanned to PDF format to enable easy retrieval and sharing with customers. Material certificates will be Type 3.1 of BS EN10204:2004, Metallic Products – Types of Inspection Documents. Material certificate numbers are also recorded in the traceability record.

No material is released for production use until a satisfactory material certificate is received. Upon issue of the material, the material number is recorded on the traceability record against the job number.

Components are identifiable by the job number throughout manufacture, storage, assembly and final inspection. The job number is recorded on a special identification label that is kept with the components during manufacture.

So, even years after installation and use, if you can give us the serial number on the filter housing we can trace the material back the mill that manufactured it and supply copies of the material certificates.

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