What Exotic Materials do you need?

Today we have started producing nine SS117.221 housings in Duplex stainless steel for an order and it prompted us to talk about some of the exotic materials we are using to produce filter housings.

Our standard stainless steel housings are constructed entirely from 316L stainless steel but we have also produced housings in 303 and 304 stainless steel. We offer complete traceability for all our stainless steel housings. Every filter housing has a batch number on the head and this enables us to trace the material used in the manufacture right the way back to the mill. We can offer 3.1b material certificates for all our stainless steel housings.

What Exotic Materials are Available?

So, what about other materials? As well as Duplex stainless steel that has 22% chromium we have also used Super Duplex that contains 25% chromium.

However, the most popular exotic materials we are asked for are Hastelloy C-275 and C-22 and Monel. These give a great corrosion resistance in demanding conditions. We can also supply Haselloy and Monel filter elements to complete the package.

We have also produced filter housings in other materials such as brass and Titanium. So, if you ever need filter housings from exotic materials give us a call – we can deliver them!

Do you need more information or maybe something special? Just let us know if you have any questions. Contact us on +44 (0)1634 724224 or email us at [email protected]

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