486 coalescing cartridge

Do you need 486 coalescing cartridges?

The 486 coalescing cartridge is the equivalent of GE Part No. 328A7187P003. This filter cartridge is an oil mist eliminator used in gas turbine power plants.

We are an original manufacturer of Type 486 and produce these coalescing cartridges for OEM customers. They specify them in applications around the world.

The gas turbine is the engine of the power plant that produces electricity. It converts natural gas into mechanical energy and then the turbine powers a generator that produces electricity for homes and businesses.

FLT 486 Coalescing Cartridge

Why is an oil mist eliminator needed?

The exhaust gas must be “vented,” and if it were just a simple tube open to the atmosphere there would be a steady stream of oil vapor coming from the open end of the tube. The oil mist eliminator will remove the oil from the drain and allow it to be returned to the oil tank.

Is the 486 coalescing cartridge a standard size?

The 486 coalescing cartridge dimensions are 51.5x64x476mm (IDxODxLg) and have an industry specified efficiency of 99.9% aerosol and 0.2µm oil particle removal.

The 486 is in stock. They can be supplied in neutral packaging or laser marked with OEM contact details and box labels.

Do you need more information?

Contact us at [email protected] and we will contact you with more information on our 486 coalescing cartridges for oil mist elimination.

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