A Filter to Protect an Analyser of Chlorine Levels – on Lettuce!

Filter for an analyser of chlorine levels on washed lettuce

We recently had an unusual application for our filter solutions in the food industry – cleaning salad!

When salad arrives to be packed it is in a wash of chlorine, this is mostly to stop the growth of mould but also to kill bacteria and insects.Before the salad can be packed for the supermarket shelf, it has to be washed and checked to make sure the chlorine has been removed.

A Filter to Protect an Analyser

The customer had produced the washing plant for one of the major supermarket chains, to check the chlorine levels they had installed an analyser on each line to check the levels of chlorine in the rinse water.

Unfortunately they had not installed a fine enough filter before the analyser, the analyser had become blocked, and sent a faulty signal that there was a massive concentration of chlorine present, setting off alarms which caused the plant to be shut.

The customer came to us for a quick and easy solution to get the plant running again.

Initially we tried the SF215 housing with a stainless steel element, however the flow through the housing was not sufficient to keep the inside of the element clean for long enough periods.

Using a Cyclone Filter to Increase Water Velocity

We then supplied one of our cyclone filters the SW205.421 this proved to work much better due to the increased velocity of the process water moving across the filter discs surface, we then were able to sell several housings to be installed on each line.

It’s increasingly rare that we provide filters for an application for the first time but this was certainly our first salad project! Feel free to share with us your latest filter applications – the stranger the better.


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