What is a PTFE Membrane?

Hydrophobic and Oeleophobic PTFE MembranesTwo new PTFE membranes are being introduced – the M3 and M4 oleophobic grades. Based on our proven hydrophobic PTFE membranes the new grades are actually hydrophobic and oleophobic. This means their use will prevent both water and oil carry-over giving further protection to analysers.

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What Is A PTFE Membrane?

We’re excited to be launching these but what if you don’t know much about what they are used for, or the areas in which they will make the most amount of difference? I thought I would take this opportunity to provide an Introduction to PTFE Membranes.

Introduction to PTFE Membranes

Classic Filters first introduced PTFE membranes in 2002.

They are most commonly used in sample systems to protect expensive and sensitive analytical equipment. Because they are hydrophobic water is repelled from the surface and pores of the membrane and cannot pass through.

The newly introduced oleophobic membranes add a new dimension to the protection levels by preventing the passage of oil as well as water.

What Is the Function of Oleophobic PTFE Membranes?

Their primary purpose is to remove oil droplets and aerosols from a gas sample although as mentioned they also remove water as well.

When do Oleophobic PTFE Membranes Need Changing?

Oleophobic PTFE Membranes have a lifespan dependant on the level of solids in the sample system. If the sample is clean and the only function is to remove oil and water then the service life will be far longer. If there are high levels of solid particles present the service life can be increased by using a disposable microfibre filter element as a pre-filter – a Classic Filters combination membrane housing is ideal for this.

Can I replace a PTFE Membrane?

Replacing them is as simple with our regular membrane housings – all the connections are arranged in the head so the tube fittings do not need to be disassembled.

And there it is – our introduction to PTFE Membranes.


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