Disposable Particulate and Coalescing Filter Testing Facility Goes Live

New engineering depatrment build to house CNC machines
New Engineering Department Building

Having taken on another new building, we finally moved the machine shop to it’s new home on the 6th September.

Why did we move the machine shop?

As Classic Filters grows we needed to expand in two areas. The first is quite simple, and that is our warehouse facility – more products and more clients means larger storage areas are required. Secondly, and even more excitingly is that as the company expands into its next phase we require improved and expanded testing facilities. This is not only for our stainless steel, monel, hastelloy and brass filter housings but also to create a new testing facility for our disposable particulate and coalescing filters.

Why do we need such a filter testing facility?

Because we have been experimenting with new filter medias and are also trying to find new and better binders for our disposable borosilicate glass microfiber particulate and coalescing filter elements. We are also building a research and development plant to make it much easier to do this.

This combined with our development work on our stainless steel filter range, will hopefully let us enter new markets in the future.


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