Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

Classic Filters have been awarded with our first Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for the province of Alberta. The filter housing designs covered by this CRN are currently being reviewed by the remaining provinces to give us registered designs in all jurisdictions.

We are working towards CRN for all our filter housings. Click here to download a copy of the first certificate.

Classic Filters CRN 0E15292.2
Classic Filters CRN 0E15292.2


What is a Canadian Registration Number?

In Canada pressure vessels (such as filter housings), pressure piping and fittings have to designed and installed in accordance with the latest edition of CSA B51, otherwise they could pose potential health and safety risks

There are three parts to the CSA B51 standard –

  1. Requirements for boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping and fittings. Promotes safe design, construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing and repair practices
  2. Requirements for high-pressure cylinders for on-board storage of fuels for automotive vehicles. Specifies minimum requirements for serially-produced lightweight refillable gas cylinders
  3. Requirements for compressed natural gas & hydrogen refuelling station pressure piping systems and ground storage vessel

A Canadian Registration Number is issued if the design is satisfactory.

CRN Format

A Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for a pressure vessel is defined by CSA B51 Clause 4.3 as –

  1. Consisting of a letter, four digits, and a decimal point followed by up to ten digits and three letters
  2. The first letter and four digits are part of a sequential numbering system used by the issuing province or territory
  3. The first digit or letter to the right of the decimal point indicates the province that issued the particular number

The following identifications are used in accordance with the code:

1 – British Columbia 7 – New Brunswick
2 – Alberta 8 – Nova Scotia
3 – Saskatchewan 9 – Prince Edward Island
4 – Manitoba 0 (zero) – Newfoundland
5 – Ontario T – Northwest Territories
6 – Quebec Y – Yukon Territory
N – Nunavut

The letter C may follow the designation of first registration if a design is registered in all jurisdictions.

More Information about CRN

For more information about our CRN numbers please contact us today on +44 (0)1634 724224 or send us an email to [email protected]


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